Parents are quick to evaluate their children’s elementary and high school facilities based on appearance and cleanliness. Make a good first and lasting impression with a Coral Multi-Cleaning clean. Combat sticky tables, dirty floors and smelly restrooms so parents, teachers and children can focus on what’s important: learning.

Daycare facilities

Children should be focusing on learning and developing in a safe and clean environment that is free of germs. From classrooms, cafeterias, libraries and restrooms, Coral Multi-Cleaning focuses on reducing cross-contamination.

Learning centers

Help keep your students healthy with a clean learning environment. No matter the size of the space, Coral Multi-Cleaning can free your space of germs and help create a sparkling space for education.

Parents are extremely selective about where they’ll send their children these days when given a choice; and even if their children are sent to public schools, they’ll be deeply concerned about the cleanliness of the facilities their young ones will be spending hours a day in.

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Our owner-operators have a vested financial interest in providing the highest quality service. You will have highly motivated cleaning professionals and Coral Multi-Cleaning experienced quality assurance representatives program to ensure your complete satisfaction with all of your cleaning needs.

  • Shampooing carpets using various techniques
  • Green cleaning according to LEED standards
  • Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning
  • Recycling services
  • Stripping, waxing and buffing floors